The Condair MC model provides low energy humidity control and evaporative cooling to an air handling unit.

A single unit can provide up to 360 Kg./hr of humidification and 245 kW of evaporative cooling to an air stream while operating on less than 100 Watts of electricity. Aside from being cost-effective, Condair MC is also easy to operate.

It incorporates up to three low energy 32W pumps rather than a single large pump. This allows energy consumption proportional to system output, providing up to three-stage control as standard.

Condair Mc

Condair MC Series Evaporative Humidifier Features & Benefits

  • It offers a fail-safe gravity drain.
  • Acceptable control signals : 0-10 vDC , 2-10vDC, 4-20mA.
  • Submerged UV water treatment (optional)

Why Choose Condair MC series Evaporative Humidifier?

  • Its hygiene features include automated flush and drain cycles, antimicrobial impregnated glass fibre media and optional submerged UV water treatment.
  • These humidifiers offer long life pumps with magnetic impellers for frictionless motion.
  • Virtually silent operation alongside extremely long service life.
  • Low power consumption with up to three-stage control as a standard.
  • Evaporative cassettes are high quality construction with a 304 stainless steel frame.
  • It is independently certified to be non-particle releasing and fire-rated Euro Class A2-S2-D0 (UL900).
  • PCB control panel with LED status, basic fault indication, automatic hygiene cycles is included in the package.

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