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Adiabatic Humidifcation

Adiabatic Humidifiers

Adiabatic humidification process is one in which water is provided for humidification purpose and must achieve gaseous state for which energy is required. This energy is drawn from surrounding air in the form of heat. This leads to cooling of the air in addition to humidification.

Adiabatic humidification is solely dependent on the wet bulb depression i.e. the difference in dry and wet bulb temperatures. Hot and dry air increases the efficiency of adiabatic humidification/cooling.

Since water is used for humidification, there is a risk of microbial contamination that needs to be addressed. For this reason Adiabatic humidifiers are not recommended for use in pharmaceutical and healthcare applications by the World Health Organization.

Condair offers a range of spray type humidifiers suitable for direct, in-room humidification. Humidity Technologies specialises in evaporative humidification and offers two models from the Condair portfolio.

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