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Medical Devices

Humidifiers help improve yields on products such as stents, sutures, medical dressings and blood glucose sensors.

Medical device manufacturing takes place in cleanroom environments with strict requirements for atmospheric control. Depending on the production processes being undertaken, it can be the case that standard heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment cannot provide the precise conditions necessary to turn a product design into a manufacturing reality.

Humidity is controlled in these environments for several reasons. It can be because the materials being processed are moisture sensitive and any change in their moisture content intrinsically changes their composition. This can be a dimensional change, a chemical imbalance or simply a drying of an aqueous-based element.

Humidifiers are also used to eliminate static from medical device production environments. By maintaining humidity at 55% relative humidity (%rH), static electricity is naturally dissipated and won’t discharge as a spark or cause materials to become attracted to each other. This level of humidity also helps suppress dust and airborne particles.

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