Using the site available boiler steam as an energy source, Condair SE-Series Steam Exchange Humidifiers generate clean, hygienic steam at atmospheric pressure. It can be used for demanding humidification applications, especially in process humidification for Fluidized Bed and Coating applications in the pharmaceutical industry. It can also be used for other industries wherein the humidification duties are high due to 100% fresh air circulation.

The Condair SE steam-to-steam humidifier is ideal for factories with a central steam boiler and available in varied capacities ranging from 23 to 475 kg/hr.

Condair Setc

Condair SE Steam Exchange Humidifier Features and Benefits

  • Steam generation capacity in the range of 23 to 475 Kg/hr using the boiler steam at 1 bar pressure.
  • Intuitive scale management technology based on steam production.
  • Compatible with reverse osmosis (RO), deionized, and potable water.
  • Tank is insulated for efficient operation and built-in float and thermostatic steam trap(s) and P-trap are a standard
  • It is fully modulated down to 15% of the listed capacity.

Why Choose Condair SE-series Steam Exchange Humidifier?

  • It is a fully packaged humidifier that includes all necessary accessories for handling steam.
  • Boiler steam is circulated through a Plate Heat Exchanger of stainless steel 316-grade which boils the water in a stainless steel 304-grade tank to generate clean steam.
  • ‘Total Controller’ with a backlit display for ease of operation.
  • Pre-cleaning sequence to flush out any stagnant water.
  • The SE-series humidifier is easy to install.
  • It is energy-efficient, which helps you save on energy bills.

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