This high-precision Electric Steam Humidifier offers accurate and consistent humidity control without the added expense and inconvenience of replaceable boiling cylinders. It also helps simplify maintenance with its patented scale management technology.

The Condair RS series resistive steam humidifier comes with an intuitive touch-screen controller which makes operating the system easy. Plus, it provides service alerts and error reporting. The on-board USB port helps download performance data and fault history in Excel (for advanced diagnostics) as well as upload software updates.

Condair Rs

Condair RS Steam humidifier is available with a single cylinder for outputs up to 40kg/h and in master/slave configurations up to 160kg/h capacity.

Condair RS Steam Humidifier Features and Benefits

  • For easy scale removal, it comes with the patented scale management technology.
  • Cleanable stainless steel cylinders eliminates the expense of disposable cylinders of electrode humidifiers.
  • Close humidity control +/-3% with mains water and +/-1% with RO water.
  • “Cold water pool” inhibits scale formation and prevents blockage of inlet and drain.

Why Choose Condair RS series Resistive Steam Humidifier?

  • Compact, easy to use, install and maintain.
  • Precise RH control for humidity critical applications.
  • Scale collector tank makes the process of scale removal effortless at the push of a button.
  • Built-in automation support for integration with BACnet (IP Master/Slave and MSTP Salve) and Modbus protocols.
  • Easy to access USB port to update software and download data.
  • Long operational life and is compatible with reverse osmosis (RO), deionized, softened and tap water.
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical and cleanroom applications.

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