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Regulating air humidity in electronics manufacturing and data centres are essential to effectively reduce potential electrostatic discharges which are prone to happen in dry spaces. Here, controlling air humidity level is required, especially in production facilities to avoid the disruption of the manufacturing process as well as to avoid any damage to sensitive equipment.

If the humidity drops below 40% relative humidity (%rH) in a data centre, static electrical charges can build up causing sparks that damage servers and IT equipment. This can cause downtime and expensive bills for replacing equipment.

A purpose-built data centre will have a ducted air conditioning system that introduces fresh air, extracts return air and control temperature and humidity. Specific humidity guidelines for computing equipment are supplied by most equipment manufacturers, but the recommended level by CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers) is 45%-60%rH.

With our advanced air humidification systems, businesses can increase indoor humidity, which acts as a natural protector. Our systems will also help absorb electric charges, thereby enabling fast and permanent discharge. Our humidifiers can help create a healthy work environment for the operational staff while helping improve process efficiency through reduced failure rate.

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