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Clean Steam Generator

Humidifiers with Clean Steam Generators

These types of humidifiers are designed to produce clean steam at atmospheric pressure using electricity or boiler steam to boil potable or reverse osmosis (RO) or deionized water. The steam produced by the Clean Steam Generators is free from toxins and suitable for infusion in supply air for maintaining desired humidity level for the user.

Condair RS

Condair Rs

This high-precision Electric Steam Humidifier offers accurate and consistent humidity control without the added expense and inconvenience of replaceable boiling cylinders. It also helps simplify maintenance with its patented scale management technology…

Condair SETC

Condair Setc

Using the boiler steam available at your site as an energy source, Condair SE-Series Steam Exchange Humidifiers generate clean, hygienic steam at atmospheric pressure. It can be used for demanding humidification applications…

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